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Vaccum Therapy

Vacumm therapy is based on mixing two techniques with proven benefits recognized in the field of aesthetics, deep massage and negative pressure. With this NONINVASIVE technique deep tissue and muscle fibers and is carried to the lymph nodes wan effect of local heat, and vasodilatation improves lymphatic drainage locally.

The Vacuum therapy was designed in 1970, initially handling burn scars.With the passage of time this became inhabiting the field of aesthetics because it reduced the contour and improved the appearance of the skin.

Vacuum therapy besides being a technique recognized worldwide as the most effective cellulite problems, it is also effective towards:

  • Molded body.
  • Buttock lift.
  • Improvement in skin quality

Vacumm therapy through combination of their different mechanisms of action and stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic drainage performed resulting in direct stimulation of fibroblast, and thus an increase in the production of collagen and elastic, improving treated area not only in texture but also in tone. Thus:

  • Increases flexibility of the skin.
  • Frees venous and lymphatic flow.
  • Exfoliates the skin making the skin softer.
  • Stimulates the dermis and hypodermis.
  • Decreases muscle tension

Dermocell Vacuum therapy incorporate concepts of innovation, high performance digital processing, advanced technology, electronic instrumentation in the use of high-definition sensors measure, with optimal results in precision, to gain control and fine detail of the application of therapy during treatment.

Following market needs, DERMOCELL TECHNOLGIES has developed in its line VACUUM TECH two SKUs: DERMOCELL ADVANTAGE AND DERMOCELL Versáta , which has an operating system software, designed to guide the user from turning on the computer until the final application in the patient with clear instructions and text presented in each browser windows.

The Vacuum therapy with DERMOCELL is a method that acts in depth on the circulatory causes, mechanical or functional are the heads of major blemishes.

Vacuum therapy DERMOCELL includes a hand piece with an innovative design that has a central role. Traction generated by the piece that slides over the skin, creating folds and produces an elongation of the connective fibers that were withdrawn. This stretch is capable of releasing the skin without local trauma and subsequent fibrosis.

Some of the special characteristics of the equipment VACUUM TECH are:

• LCD display with backlight (Back Light) for optimal reading.

• Fully digital operating system, controlled by a microcomputer that provides high accuracy in the execution parameters.

• Digital vacuum that allows the display of vacuum level instantly and accurately.

• Operation mode compound allows the execution of a specific program that includes treatment for body, legs, buttocks, abdomen, back and face.

• Frequency of oscillation for adjustable suction according to heart rate for each patient.