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Vacuum PRO

Buttocks Lifting by BellaSkin

Reduce, Shape, and Lift !

New Vacuum PRO, exclusively designed for buttocks lifting and general body shaping, with a great and powerful suction to create fastest results. Our new model includes protocols inside the touch screen navigation system , this is really helpful for those who has take no training or have no experience at all. Also includes a key switch feature to turn the machine ON which is a great security to have a exclusive access to the machine, this new latest model has a counter on each function which makes easier to track the use of the machine over the time and make on time maintenance for long life time.

Includes one time training with certification in any of our offices in Miami or Coral Springs.

Specifications :

  • Vacuum 1.5 bars ( most machine in this market do not even has the half of this power)
  • Vacuum Pressure control knob
  • Touch Screen 8” Full Color 800*600
  • 4 Preset programs (which can be overwrite if is needed)
  • Manual parameters to create new suctions cycles depending what the operator wants
  • Protocols inside the interface ( User can see in the same machine screen how to do the treatment)
  • Up gradable , means Vacuum PRO can be transform to Cavitation and RF in the future (ask more details)
  • Cooling system by Air ( the equipment has a sensor to coll down the machine if is overheated)
  • Hours counter history ( the machine will save each minute worked to know the history)
  • 110V-230V AC ( can work in America and also Europe)
  • 1 Years warranty,
  • Training Included with certification in any of our stores in Florida otherwise arrangements can be made.

On this short video you get a sample on how to perform a buttocks lifting treatment. You need to set up the parameters according to your equipment specifications.

On these two pictures above and on the left we can see a big difference when we have finish working on the left glute. You can really see the difference, considering that we have only done 5 minutes pre-lifting vacuum , nothing else, after that we proceed to put the big buttocks cups to make the change stay longer.

Vacuum PRO really has a very powerful pump to create the necessary suction to pull and lift the skin. 

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