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Lipo Laser Elite Combo

8 Pads of Diode Laser 650nm plus Cavitation, Radio Frequency , and Vacuum

LIPO Diode laser lipolysis "the newest technology for reduction treatments", no need surgery. 650nm wavelength Lipo Diode laser, the heat and light stimulate the fat cell membranes and causing a physiological change in the body. This causes the cell to lose their round shape and changing the permeability of the cell membrane. BellaSkin has created a full multi function equipment that will allow to the user to combine diode laser light, cavitation, RF and vacuum to get the best results in treatments such for body than face.

The new Lipo Laser Elite Combo includes :

-Cavitation 40 Khz

-Radio Frequency Bipolar, Tripolar and Multipolar for Body and Face

-Vacuum for Body and glutes (1 pair of glutes cups, 1 knucle / moulding cup

-8 Diode Laser Pads of 650nm and up to 10 large or small.

It is the combination of two excellent equipment: Cavi-4 Plus and Lipo Laser Curve, both of them together make a great and aggressive team in order to destroy fats cells faster than ever, not also for eliminate fat cells or lose weight, with radio frequency as part of this team is able to firm or tightening your skin and for wrinkles facial rejuvenation treatment is just great. Also great with its Vacuum function for lifting gluts, and re shaping the complete body. Full set of "Copas Delfin" has been added to this spectacular equipment.

We have two shell or cases options on this machine, please see the picture here is this page, you will see two models one is slightly smaller than the other but actually both have the same functions.