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Treat your clients, reward your employees and refresh yourself with corporate chair massage!

Increase productivity and profitability with CHAIR MASSAGE AT YOUR WORKPLACE!

Chair massage is all about improving your workplace. We are licensed and insured massage therapists that provide chair massage at the workplace. Chair massage is performed on a client in a seated position, fully clothed and comfortable. We use an ergonomic chair, specifically designed to support anyone, regardless of weight and height. The massage generally focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. No messy oil is used during chair massage.

Did you know that just ten minutes a week of chair massage per employee could actually decrease company costs and increase productivity? Companies across the nation are using on site chair massage to reduce stress in the workplace through relaxation. Stress is the invisible killer of productivity and profitability! Most of your employees that spend time at computer desks and in office chairs, may suffer from back problems, low energy -derived from lack of movement- and other health problems. Many employers are using massage as part of their regular wellness program, employee or client appreciation day, health fair and company parties.

CHAIR MASSAGE AT THE WORKPLACE helps to prevent injury claims, reduce stress, absenteeism, tension headaches, and increase company morale and productivity. It is amazingly cost effective; can be paid by employer or even by employees.

How does it work? We will need the date and time that your event will take place, the number of employees to be served in your office and how long you would like each recipient to be seen (10, 15, 20 or 30-minute intervals). We require at least a minimum of two hour work per day and workplace. Next, you will complete a sign up log for your office. Employees will then report one by one to the massage location for their assigned appointment. This process will maximize your working day, running smoothly with almost no interference. Each therapist will need approximately a 6 'x 6' area; this can be in an empty office or conference room, preferably in a quiet area.

If you need a quote or additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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