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Cavi Lipo Plus Combo

Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Vacuum, and Lipo-Laser

Great Equipment! It has all necessary to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, shape body, facial treatments and much more. Cavi Laser Plus is a combination of many equipments intended to create a particular task each one, but now all of them together will be easier and economic for customer who want to start a new business and compete with everybody else without expending lots of money. Cavi Laser Plus Combo has Cavitation for fat cell destruction, # types of radio frequency for tightening or firming the skin or facial treatments like wrinkles reduction, facial lifting etc, Lipo Laser 650 nm for faster weight loss without effort for operator because you just put the pads over the area customer wants to lose weight, and finally vacuum for body contour or shaping, gluts lifting, or lymphatic drainage.

The equipment includes:

  • Cavitation Handle 40 Khz - 130 watts
  • Radio Frequency: Bipolar Flat Handle for face
  • Radio Frequency large and small handle for body and face treatments
  • Radio Frequency Six-Polar Handle for Body treatments making faster to treat big areas
  • Vacuum Cups: Buttock lifting,and 1 body shaping cup
  • 8 or 10 Pads of Lipo Diode Laser Paddles of 650 nm ( 8 Diode laser each one) for body weight reductions or fat cells elimination

Delfin Cups

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