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Cavi-4 Pro

Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum

Cavitation, Radio Frequency Six polar, Tri polar, Bipolar, Vacuum

Cavi 4 Pro has all the features that many professionals are looking for: cavitation for weight loss, radio frequency for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and much more, vacuum for body shaping and buttock lifting and enhancement.

Specifications and feautures:

  • Vacuum 100Kpa
  • Cavitation 40 Khz -130 Watts
  • Radio Frequency Bipolar 2Mhz-80 watts
  • Radio Frequency Three polar body and face 2 Mhz- 80 Watts
  • Radio Frequency Six-polar for Body Extra Large 2 Mhz - 80 Watts
  • Vacuum Pressure Knob
  • All Radio Frequency handles or probes include a red LED light for collagen stimulation
  • Key and switch to turn it on
  • Touch Screen 8” 800*600, Emergency Button,
  • Protocols inside the interface
  • Cooling system by Air
  • 4 Pre-Set Buttock lifting programs
  • Hours counter history
  • 110-220 V AC
  • 2 Years warranty,
  • Training Included with certificate

What is in the box?

  1. Main Unit Cavi 4 PRO
  2. 1 Cavitation Probe
  3. 3 Radio Frequency Probes (bipolar, tripolar and sixpolar)
  4. Buttock Cups (1 pair )
  5. 1 Knukle / moulding Cup
  6. 1 Main Hose
  7. 1 "Y" Hose
  8. 1 Skin Fold Caliper
  9. 1 Infrared Thermometer
  10. 2 Vacum Filters
  11. 1 Power Cable
  12. 2 keys

Other Optional Pieces: ( if you get all of them you will get extra 10% off )

  • Molding Cup
  • Breast Cups (pair)
  • 3 Shelf Cart Table
  • Facial cup

We have completed a new software for Cavi-4 Plus! Some new features are:

Exclusive Facial Screen for treatments, new images, no need to changed the handles between body and face because each one has its own connector to the machine.

Another great feature is "Protocols" ; if you have doubts how to perform the treatment go direct to your support screen for protocols, all is carefully explain it there.

Vacuum has a new option to reduce pressure for all those that still do not have experience doing this treatment.