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Cavi-4 Elite

Cavitation, Radio Frequency Monopolar, Tripolar, Multipolar and Vacuum

Cavi-4 Elite is an spectacular equipment designed to perform treatments in body as well as face.

It has a beautiful stand attached to the main control console head, which make it more elegant and also easy to move around the room without effort thanks to its wheels.

Funtions: 8 inches of LCD touch screen , friendly software, users can navigate for all the functions and each screen shows pictures where the risky areas are and treatment can not be performed.

  • Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency Monopolar
  • Radio Frequency Tripolar
  • Radio Frequency Multipolar

Vacuum cups set (1 pair of buttocks cups and 1 moulding / knuckle cup)

Cavitation 40 Khz with 130 Watts. 1 Handle

Cavitation is intended to destroy fat cells and that way reducing weight.

Radio Frequency 1 Mhz - 100 Watts. 3 Tripolar Handles and 1 Monopolar. Radio Frequency stimulate fibroblast and those will release collagen and elastine becoming skin younger and firm. It can be use such as body as face.

Vacuum 26 Kg / Hg Includes: 1 pair of buttocks cups and 1 moulding / knuckle cup.

Cavi 4 Elite is able to work all day and night long because of its cooling system.
 The warranty is 2 years and maintenance is easy and inexpensive. 

Certificate and training is neccesesary to use this machine but do not worry because of course is included when you purchase the equipment.

Cavi-4 Elite comes in two versions, the one here in the right is more robust and we named Cai-4 Elite Model-01 and the other above on top of the page we named Cavi-4 Elite Model-02 and both have same power but different software and shell , so when you order make sure you mention which one you want. Model-01 shows protocols in the software like the pictures below, also also screen face has a better interface and easy screen to work on, RF Monopolar is not include any longer in any of the two models since we have RF Tripolar and Multipolar and optional bipolar is not reason to need RF monopolar.

Model-02 has great spectacular modern screens but not protocols. Other function the same than model 01 shell a little smaller.

See the picture on the bottom page.