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Cavi-4 Advance with IPL

IPL, Cavitation ,Radio Frequency, and Vacuum

Cavi-4 Advance is really all that everybody is looking for!

With IPL, Cavitation, 3 types of Radio Frequency and Vacuum nothing else is necessary, you can make treatments for body and face. For those who want to open a new business and compete with the big ones, now you do not have to wait because this machine will save you lots of money and without sacrifice quality. Also Include all the tools that are necessary in the process to perform body and face treatments even buttock lifting.

Cavi-4 Advance In the left side has a IPL filter handle , and with it the operator will be able to perform different treatments such as hair removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Acne and much more. IPL function has perfect water cooling system with allows to perform treatments very safely and works continuously for long time. The interface machine versus operator is very friendly because its touch screen where you set up the details about the patient like: gender, color hair, color skin, hair thickness etc. The IPL comes with special glasses for the operator and also for the patient. Maximum Power is 2000 watts which is a lot of energy and that will warranty the good results beside the filters and parameters appropriate set up.

On the right side you can find the other functions : Cavitation, Radio Frequency Mono and Tripolar Plus and extra Sixpolar Handle which help to cover biggest areas in less time, and finally Vacuum with many extra options to offer to the customer like Gluteous Lifting.

Vacuum cups are included. Its always important to use vacuum after cavitation treatments that will help to move faster the released fat and also improve the collagen and elastin in the skin producing a better shape in those areas.

Caliper Skin Fold is good to measure the skin before to do the treatment. Very important to measure with the Caliper before and after because is the most accurate measure for the skin, and it is better to do it after the complete treatment including radio frequency, that way the skin will be firmed and the measure will be exactly rather than do it before RF.

This is the latest Cavi -4 Advance , software even more easy to use, and shell more firm and robust !