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Carboxy Comfort

We are a company that, through science, offers professional beauticians and health technologies and innovative thinking, leading to the application of different therapies and treatments that seek health and beauty of being human. We expect that the apparatus is used with the maximum efficiency and excellent application criteria.

CARBOXITHERAPY is the percutaneous or subcutaneous application of CO2 for therapeutic purposes. Implementation of CO2 is carried out with an equipment capable of controlling the volume of gas (cm3) with a constant pressure during a specified time. The gas must be anaerobic medicinal type with 99.9% purity.

This therapy has been used since 1930 at the springs of Royat, France, where it was found to that it was a beneficial effect of CO2 produced by thermal waters, there a group of cardiologists began using the technique for treating organic and functional peripheral artery and Argentian Dr. Dicio talks about the use of subcutaneous carbon dioxide, in 1953 Dr. Jean Baptiste Romuef, published a work of 20 years of experience in the implementation of subcutaneous CO2. Throughout the years the number of patients in the thermal station has increased progressively, as the number of people treated with carboxi therapy. Royat Cardiovascular Research Institute statistics indicate that by 1994 there has been about 30,000 patients that have benefited from this treatment.

Another great advantage discovered subsequently CARBOXITHERAPY lies in being a very effective technique in aesthetic treatments.

CO2 is introduced throughout the subcutaneous layer on a 30 g needle placed in the sampling line, control of distribution is performed by means of a pedal that by pressing it will inform you if it is open and from the chosen dosage equipment is declining 10 cm 3 in 10 cm 3 for example 500 cm 3 to 490 cm 3 and thus consecutively.

During the supply of CO2 obviously subcutaneous emphysema extending over an area of 10 cm can follow Erythema with a warm feeling which is the

effect of vascular activity of gas.

When we nourish our bodies with O2 immediately after having injected CO2, it is believed that there is a decompensation, by increasing the amount of O2 in this area, this form presents vasodilation and increased local oxygenation, turn hemoglobin is capturing the CO2 that has been introduced into the body. This action is manifested through increased flow rate and the opening of virtual capillaries.

CARBOXY unit was created under scientific investigation which guarantees a safe equipment and easy handling.

Novel technique of the use of CO2 coupled with the best technological avant-garde leads this powerful tool for medicine and aesthetics. Elements of high-quality employment, the incorporation of high precision sensors and manufacturing under requirement in quality control parameters allow a guarantee to an artifact of high level intended for professional use in cosmetic and medical area.

The system is entirely digital, facilitating their management and control over the treatment variables.