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Technical Support

If you have any problem with your equipment or need a repair done you may contact our technical department at [email protected]

Tech Gym

Electrical stimulation is the application of current, simulating the electrical impulse that sends the nervous system to perform muscle contraction.This stimulation is done through the application of plates or electrodes on the muscle surface by locating the motor point to get the muscle to contract, as you would if you had received a nerve impulse

  • Reaffirmation muscle
  • Increased tone and skin elasticity
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Avoid sagging secondary thinning processes
  • Is instrumental in cellulite removal processes
  • Lymphatic drainage facial and body

Electrostimulation has been used since ancient times, over time the technology has made great strides and today we have the Bio Dermocell Gym E-16 which allows multiple programs to establish aesthetic and therapeutic treatments

Bio Gym handles the electro analgesia or transcutaneous electrical stimulation, in order to stimulate nerve fibers to alpha thick myelinated fast-conducting, this activation triggers at the central level, the implementation of systems in nature descending pain inhibitory nociceptive transmission conveyed by unmyelinated fibers of small caliber, thereby obtaining a reduction of pain.

Gymnastics is the energy or isometric muscle contractions produced by the low frequency bipolar current. Isometric contractions are those where there is no muscle shortening, or no movement is when we make a sustained force, this type of contraction, although it works the muscle tone and muscle development, is designed specifically for slimming treatments and that achieves effects due to energy consumption caused by the type of contraction, for therapeutic treatments indicated in patients with fluid retention and stimulate circulation.

The Bio Dermocell Gym micro-controller implements E-16, which guarantees to be an excellent unit operability.

  • Easy handling and controllability of the various variables concerning the application of streams for human benefit, makes it a useful tool in the medical field as in aesthetics.
  • Viewing information through an alphanumeric LCD display with back light for easy reading in dim light or mild environments darkness.
  • Individual control for each output can vary the intensity according to user's taste and need for treatment.
  • Incorporates a safe operating system that detects when a current control knob is open preventing planned logging.
  • The software design implements a sequential menu screens to facilitate learning in guiding the management team during the configuration.

Equipment comes with:

  • 2 large body electrodes, diameter 94 mm
  • 4 medium body electrode, diameter of 40 mm
  • 4 small facial electrodes, diameter 24 mm
  • 8 two-wire cables
  • 10 Rubber bands