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Vacuum Nano Plus with Cryo & Thermotherapy


Vacuum Nano Plus is able to reduce, shape, lift and tighten the skin, mostly used for Buttock lifting treatments.

Buttocks Lifting treatment is a great stimulation and consolidation of the collagen and elastin through Vacuum therapy treatments. This process also will involve breaking the fat cells and mobilizing the fat to the buttocks centre area with a specific cup called "Knuckle Cup" and after that consolidating all the fat moved into the buttocks center with a specific cups called "Buttock Cups". As a physical reaction, the muscles also will expand and together with the skin riched in collagen and elastin will give a final result of great lifting, nice shaping, nice firming and rejuvenation. The whole treatment should be 1 day apart for 10 times and that is called "Package".

Session= 5 minutes on each glute with knuckle cup, 20 to 30 minutes with buttock cups

Package: is a combination of many individual session

Now we have improved treatments with the Cold and Hot tool, which are included only in Vacuum Nano Plus.


  • 1 main machine Vacuum Nano Plus
  • 1 pair of buttock Cups Medium or Large
  • 1 knuckle cup
  • 1 Y hose
  • 1 Main hose
  • 1 extra Filter
  • 1 cold hammer
  • 1 hot hammer
  • 1 power adaptor
  • 1 brush cup cleaner
  • 1 Suitcase
  • 1 extra fuse
  • 1 BellaSkin pen
1 year limited warranty (equipment ONLY)
Cups and other accesories do not have warranty


This item only have 3 days to be returned for no reason with a full refund execept the shipping; otherwise has 30 days max for return with a store credit or exchange.

What buttock cups size you want: Large or Medium?

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