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Face and Neck LED Mask #415


7 Color mask:

Red light (650-730nm): wave length for 630mm can whiten pale spot, tender skin and anti-wrinkle, repair damaged skin,smooth the fine wrinkles, shrink pores, hyperplasia of collagen.

Blue light(430-450nm): wave length for 415mm blu-ray has the effect of rapid inhibit inflammation, in the process of the formation of acne, mainly in propionic acid bacillus and the blue light can in under the condition of no damage to skin, efficiently destroy the bacteria, minimize acne, inflammation and in a short span of time period to heal ance significantly reduced.

Green Blue light(525-550nm): Green Blue It can enhance cell energy gradually, and has a good metabolism facilitating effect.

Purple light(380-450nm): It is red and blue dual-band light, it is a combination of two kinds of photocherapy effect, especially in the treatment of acne and acne mark has special good effect and repair effect.

Yellow light(570-590nm): Add energy to skin cells, promote gland function,assist digestion, treatment of skin diseases, enhance the immune function.

Green light(495-590nm) : Neutralization,balance and safety pruposes, relieve mental stress and effective dredge lymphoid and edema

Laser light(white light ): Penetrate the skin deep, decompose splash, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

Packague includes:

- LED mask

- USB controller

- Power dapter

- Manual

Item #415

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