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Dyno Pulse Electro Muscle Stimulation - 4 Channels (TENS Unit) # 1098


EMS Tens unit machine - Regular usage of this equipment block s the nerves from sensing pain stimuli. Moreover, this product is efficiently reduces muscle pain, post traumatic stiffness and periarthritis of shoulder.  

The unit is a computerized multi programmer transcuteneous electric nerve stimulator with LCD display Six and Two channel output.

-Timer - LCD Display 0-99 min.

-Therapy Modes - Eight Pre-programming

-Burst - 100Hz, 150 Hz .

-Sweep frequency (2-80 & 20-100 Hz)

-Constraint 10Hz & 100 Hz

-Mixed 2-20 Hz & 20-100 Hz

-Standard Accessories

*8 carbon electrodes

*4 lead wires

*1 set of elastic bands


*AC cord

********* 1 Year Warranty***********

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