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Casmara Goji Mask (1 Mask) - Antioxidant # 296


Antioxidant facial treatment. Unisex formula for all skin types and ages, at any time of year. GOJI BERRY EXTRACT: antioxidant. BEETS’ BETAINES: intelligent moisturizer. HONEY: hydrating and regenerating properties. AVOCADO OIL: vitaminic. SHEA BUTTER: regenerating and protecting oil. This treatment has a high antioxidant power due to its concentration of Goji berry extract from Tibet (Lycium barbarum – organic ingredient certified by ECOCERT®;) and is enriched with other natural ingredients. Prevents signs of ageing and reinforces the skin’s natural defense. Visibly improves the skin’s healthy appearance. Contains GOJI berry extract and QUINOA seeds. The mixture of these components works in an antioxidant and toning way, fighting fatigued skin.

Mask:  1 algae peel-off facial mask + gel

Made in Spain.

Item #296

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