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DPC Fresh Milk Moisturizing Soft Powder Mask (1Kg) # 320


-Provides suppleness, softness and hydration of epidermis layers.  Locks in moisture and provides film forming barrier.  Delivers moisture to smooth fine lines.  Rehydrating skin conditions.  Provides suppleness and softness.

-All skin types, recommended for dehydrated skin.


Use 1½ cups powder combined with 2 cups distilled water. Measuring cup included in package. Leave mask on 20-30 minutes.


Koalin - tightening and toning clay

Talc - moisture absorbent, improves blending of clay masks.

Milk Protein - also known as lactalbumin, derived from milk whey and consists largely of casein.

1kg / 33,8Fl oz

Item #320

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