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DPC Dong Quai Pigmenting Soft Powder Mask # 319


-Lightens pigmented areas, tones, firms and revitalizes skin conditions.  Smoothes and softens fine lines.  Nourishes and revitalizes skin conditions.  Brightens complexion. Rebalances dry skin conditions.  Lightens pigmented areas.  Tones and firms.

-For dry and normal skin. Recommended for mature and fatigued skin conditions.


Use 1½ cups powder combined with 2 cup distilled water. Measuring cup included in       package. Leave mask on 20-30 minutes.


Dong Quai Extracts - balancing, adaptogenic, skin strengthening.

Koalin - tightening and toning clay.

Talc - moisture absorbent, improves blending of clay masks.

Item #319

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