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Professional Ultrasound (1 & 3 Mhz) # 438


This ultrasound therapy unit is featured with the large LCD display, 30 in-built pre-programmes and capacitive soft touch keys. 


-1 MHZ and 3 MHZ outputs.

-Large LCD display.

-30 Pre-programmes.

-20 User settable memories.

-User friendly.

-Lightweight plastic moulded cabinet .

-Cap sense keys

-Plastic moulded water resistant transducer


-Frequency :1MHZ and 3MHZ

-Theraphy modes:continous/pulsed

-Pulse settings/Hz :9 settings/100 HZ

-Output power -0-3W/cm^2


"Water Drop Test" for ultrasound probes:

1) Connect unit to power outlet.

2) Place a little drop of water in the center of metal probe. (Do not pour water on the probe instead or submerge underwater - unit is not waterproof!

3) Turn unit on an activate probe setting on high intensity according to the instruction, and watch the droplet. Water should be brought to boiling-like condition - without any high boiling temperature on probe surface or close to it, - all done just by super-fast vibration.

4) Disconnect unit after use.

**** When performing treatment, always use with water based gel as vibration transfer medium. ****

*** 1 Year Limited Warranty.***

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