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BELLASKIN following the shortage of more affordable options in both price and quality professionals who initiate and others already established in the market for medical aesthetic beauty, it was then decided BELLASKIN creates a new concept in aesthetic salons and equipment weight loss clinics, which would focus on high quality and covering the current market trends within the reach of everyone, and was thus that emerged what is now known as BellaSkin.

With the idea that professionals in this area would have the opportunity to start or keep up with the leading edge of new technology or trends in aesthetic market, teams BellaSkin was designed to be of excellent quality, give excellent results in treatments and what is more important for some is that the cost of BellaSkin equipment are fair and not exaggerated, as those of some other manufacturers in this market and is the sum of all of this that makes professionals each day choose this option , which is currently the best on the market since it has excellent quality, excellent design and excellent price.

BellaSkin doesn’t have a wide variety of equipments, but we do not see this as a factor because we did something much greater, we combined various equipments in our three models allowing you to perform a full treatment with just one equipment. 

Allow us to enter your business and grow with you, BellaSkin is the option that you were waiting for!

 We carry all beauty equipment and supplies that you may need to increase sales in your business and put your business in the spotlight.

Why wait ? Call us at 954-509-0019 or 305-406-2828

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